Finally – A GPS for XPlan!

Remember using the old UBD Street Directory to get from point A to point B? Sure it got you where you wanted to go – eventually – but this often meant pulling over to read the map or even trying to read it while driving. Or worse still, getting your partner to direct you.

Not only was this inefficient but potentially disastrous!

Fast forward to today & we have GPS in our cars. Technology has made travelling from A to B far more efficient and considerably less stressful.

Trying to navigate your way through XPlan can be just as confusing. While on one hand it can get you to where you want to go – eventually – it can also create a lot of office downtime trying to navigate through it successfully.

Imagine having a GPS for Xplan.

Abracadabra Business Services has created exactly this. Not only does it give you directions, the inbuilt procedure manual shows you exactly how to do it and, with inbuilt automation for processes such as FDS & Opt-in, it even does it for you!

Make the impossible possible – Drive your business efficiencies further today. Contact us to discover the magic required to make XPlan work FOR you.

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it…” Roald Dahl
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