"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"                        -Arthur C. Clarke (3rd Law)

The Abracadabra story

You could say that Abracadabra Business Services was formed almost like magic, appearing from nowhere – Voila!  The truth is however, it was more like Quantum Physics – a whole lot of particles coming together at the same time to create something new.

The extensive knowledge and hands-on experience gained by Adam & Jodie as Advisers, Administrators and as Business Owners is the true magic at the heart of Abracadabra Business Services. 

In 2015 Adam was asked to present at a NAB / MLC Financial Planning State Conference on the benefits of Automating your Processes and how Process drives Profit. The overwhelming interest generated unveiled an undeniable demand for a business that could provide advice & guidance to adviser practices on increasing efficiencies and profitability. This, coupled with FOFA instigated changes to education standards which meant Adam would have to sacrifice time with his family & clients to complete further study, led them to sell their Financial Planning practice in 2017.

A major factor behind the success of their business was the Workflow Management System within VisiPlan & XPlan that they created and spent 15 years fine-tuning from within their own business to manage day to day operations.

Utilising their extensive knowledge, they have built a Core Workflow Management System that translates their intel & experience into the tangible instrument essential to implement the changes required to create, & maintain, an efficient, compliant & extremely profitable business. This unique, end to end tool is universal and can be integrated into, and customised for, any financial planning business with minimal disruption to day to day operations.

A dynamic couple with hands on experience spanning every facet of the Financial Planning industry, Adam & Jodie’s unique skillsets & extensive expertise in creating efficiencies within a business are unparalleled. Their desire to share their knowledge with others, as well as their ability to provide the tools necessary to implement the required changes, are invaluable assets to any business looking to systemise their in-house processes.

" Magic, like technology, is a tool."

-Mercedes Lackey

This is Jodie

Jodie wears her undies on the outside & secretly wishes she was Wonder Woman

This is Adam

Adam wears his undies on the inside & secretly wishes Jodie looked as good as Wonder Woman in lycra

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This is us

Adam Moir

Director :: Process Reengineering Specialist

Adam is honest, organised, an avid list writer, punctual, patient and an excellent listener with the unique ability to encourage people to express themselves openly.  He has a quirky (& sometimes inappropriate) sense of humour and is passionate about helping people.


Prior to joining the Financial Planning industry, Adam worked in the Computer Software industry where he held both state and national management positions. Chasing his childhood dream of becoming Jacques Costeau, in 1993 he left the industry to become a scuba diving instructor where he met Jodie. The pair teamed up and spent the next 4 years travelling around Australia before settling in the beautiful South West of WA.


Combining his strong aversion to conformity with a fearless sense of adventure, Adam constantly steps outside the box in search of new and improved ways to find the best solution to any situation. These characteristics were instrumental in the success of their financial planning business as he sought to integrate new technologies to streamline back of house administration processes and improve client engagement, resulting in an extremely efficient and profitable company.


Being highly ethical and a strong believer in the value of transparency, he became an early adopter of the Fee for Service concept, successfully transitioning the business over to this model in 2002.


With exceptional client satisfaction generating high referrals, partnered with strong associations with companies such as BHP, Plum, accounting firms, mortgage brokers and Lawyers, Adam is a highly respected member of the industry who has been involved with advisory peer groups, pilot programs and presented at professional development conferences. A strong advocate of giving back and supporting the local community, he has also served on local boards and management committees as well as coaching the junior footy team.


A talented musician, whose childhood dream of becoming a rock star was thwarted by his serious lack of hair, Adam is often found belting out a few tunes at one of the local Southwest watering holes. His passion for music sees him constantly on the lookout for new talent as well as lending his skills as a booking agent to local venues – an excuse he frequently uses to justify spending time at the pub.

"Enjoy the process of your search without succumbing to the pressure of the result"            Will Ferrell

Jodie Moir

Director :: System Designer

Jodie is unorganised, passionate, loyal, never on time but always the last to leave, talks at a rate faster than a locomotive, is creative, caring and a critical thinker. She has a great sense of humour & particularly loves to laugh at herself, is a closet IT Geek who loves horses & pirates and truly believes in magic. 

Commencing work in the Financial Planning Industry in 1991 after studying Science and Computer Programming at University, Jodie’s career has seen her work for some of Australia’s leading Fund Management, Superannuation and Insurance companies, as well as various private adviser practices.


Gaining experience in roles ranging from Administration, Client Services Management, Office Management, Paraplanning & Business Ownership to Workflow Management System Design, she is highly regarded within the industry for her expertise as a Paraplanner, as well as for her in-depth knowledge of XPlan and the Workflow Management System she created, & successfully integrated, into their own business for its day to day operation.


Being a critical thinker Jodie considers every possible outcome before making a decision. While this means she will probably be late to her own funeral, it is this personality trait, coupled with her slight OCD tendencies, that enabled her to translate their extensive intel & experience into a tangible instrument that is the magic behind the Abracadabra Workflow Management System. Her obsession for the system and her desire to continually find ways to improve it, is also often used to get her out of doing the dishes.


Being passionate about her kids, Jodie manages the junior footy team & can often be found backstage at the local theatre.  She is a child at heart who manages to find the magic in everyday life, always stops to smell the roses, and never wants to really grow up.    



“Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is Optional!”         Walt Disney